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Volunteer Application
Booking through: January 30
Volunteer Info Packet

Volunteer Application
Booking through: February 15th
Volunteer Info Packet

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General Information on the All Hands Volunteer Experience

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  • All Hands gives you the opportunity to assist communities affected by natural disaster. Our work is physical in nature, and depending on the location may include debris removal, home repair, demolition of unsafe structures, salvaging of reusable building materials, or mucking and gutting. No previous experience or special skills are required.


  • The work of our volunteer programs over the past eight years has been focused on disaster response and longer-term recovery and rebuild. We are generally not involved in the search and rescue phase. This means that we come in quickly after a natural disaster hits, but after the search and rescue operations are completed, and fill in gaps left by governmental and non-governmental agencies in clean-up, community recovery and reconstruction projects.


  • From out of town or overseas? An All Hands project is communal living at its finest. In exchange for your hard work in the field we provide you with basic accommodations and simple, local meals on work days, plus the tools, materials and logistics you’ll need to make a positive impact in the community. If you are able to return home in the evenings we ask that you do so in order to allow us to host those traveling long distances to participate.


  • Residential volunteers must take a mental health break at least every 30 days. This means that you must spend a minimum of three nights away from the base for every 30 days you stay with us. You must pay for all costs associated with these breaks yourself.
  • Volunteers are responsible for arranging and funding all travel to and from a project, including the cost and logistics involved with securing passports, visas or other travel documents if required. All Hands does not charge a participation fee of any kind. We do encourage volunteers to fundraise but there is absolutely no obligation and no amount you must raise in order to take part. The easiest way is to set up a personal fundraising page and share the link with your friends and family. Not only does this help to offset some of the cost of hosting you, it also gives everyone you know the opportunity to support the wonderful work you’ll be doing.
  • There is no minimum or maximum amount of time that volunteers need to commit. If we have on the project you’re interested in at the time you’re available, we’d love to host you! Please do not book any travel until you have received an official email invitation from the project in question. Although the packing list varies from project to project you will have to bring your own mattress or sleeping pad, and bedding suitable for the local climate.


  • We require volunteers to be up to date with their tetanus vaccination. As other recommendations depend on your personal circumstances you should check with a medical professional regarding all other possible vaccines and preventative medicines.


  • You must have medical insurance coverage in order to participate on any of our projects outside of the USA. If you are an American you should check with your health insurance provider first to see if they will cover you overseas. If not, or if you are another nationality, you will have to purchase a travel insurance policy. We require emergency medical treatment be covered, as well as emergency medical evacuation. Most volunteers are able to find something suitable from World Nomads or Seven Corners, but please read the fine print carefully as exclusions do apply.