Volunteer on Project Cagayan de Oro, Philippines

Here’s how to get involved

Priority Applications

It’s no secret that, as an organization, funding volunteer projects has always been our major challenge. Volunteers will always be the heart of everything we do, but there is a cost associated with providing volunteer opportunities that, frankly, most donors don’t want to fund. For this reason, we’re trying something a little different this time around and prioritizing applications of volunteers who make a donation or commit to a fundraising goal.

The commitment and enthusiasm of our volunteers on project is legendary. We’re hoping that, by harnessing some of that energy even before you arrive, we can continue to provide the direct assistance and productive volunteer experiences you’ve all come to expect.

Our current cost to host one volunteer in the Philippines is about $25 per day. That covers the housing, transportation, food, tools, local staff, and project management — all the things you’ll be using every day you’re on project. To put this in perspective, if you’re planning to stay for one month, that will cost us roughly 750 bucks!

So, if you’re looking to volunteer with us here in the Philippines and would like to give a little back (and bump yourself up the queue at the same time), please take the following steps:

  1. Donate online, or engage your family and friends by setting up your very own personal fundraising page. When you set up a fundraising page, you will be given priority. Click here to learn how.   The suggested donation amount or fundraising goal is enough to cover the number of days you plan to volunteer, at $25 per day.
  2. Fill out our new priority application form.


What If I Can’t Contribute?

Don’t worry. We’ll always reserve some spaces for volunteers who can only donate their precious time. Please fill out our regular application form and maybe later you can pay it forward.

For more information about Project Cagayan de Oro, visit our project page here. Please note that spaces are limited, and neither application method can guarantee a spot on project.

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