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At 8:12am on October 15th, 2013, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake shook the Visayan region of the Philippines. Initial reports were focused on numerous historical churches that were severely damaged and deaths reported seemed low considering the strength of the earthquake. The Philippines sits in the Ring of Fire, but the area around Bohol and Cebu are not accustomed to earthquakes. Residents are traumatized due to the earthquake and the 1000’s of subsequent aftershocks.

Our international assessment team, based in the Philippines, was on the ground in the impacted area within 24 hours. “Travel was extremely difficult with collapsed bridges and landslides blocking roads and isolating communities,” according to Marc Young. “But, we spent days traveling via motorbike and found widespread, severe damage to homes.” The Philippines’ Department of Social Welfare and Development now reports more than 35,000 homes have been totally destroyed or partially damaged.

After 9 months of recovery efforts on the island of Bohol, we have successfully deconstructed 392 homes and other structures in the communities of Bohol. This was only possible with the hard work of 507 volunteers from around the world who donated a total of 8,887 days of labor, and the support of our donors and friends who made this project possible. Thank you!

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Location: Bohol – Philippines
Disaster Type: Earthquake
Disaster Date: October 15, 2013
Project Start: October 28, 2013
Project End: June 30, 2014
Project Director: Katie Taibi

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