Connecting Those Who Desire to Help with Those Who Want It

All Hands Volunteers was co-founded by David Campbell, in response to the fact most aid organizations are not interested in spontaneous unaffiliated volunteers.  Instead of sitting back, David and his friends created an organization with a focus on connecting those who wanted to help with those who wanted it.  Since 2005, All Hands Volunteers has been there when people are moved to act, but now more than ever more people are stepping up to volunteer than All Hands can accommodate.

Pay It Forward

So, for the first time ever, All Hands is asking past volunteers to pay their experience forward, by raising as much money as they can, so more people also have the opportunity to give back.

The first step in Paying It Forward is to set up your online account by following this link. From here, you’ll be able to track your donations, adjust your fundraising goal, update your personal fundraising page, and more.
The second step is to rock your fundraising page! This means adding a picture of yourself working hard in the field, and writing a note to everyone who comes to your page about why you are Paying It Forward in addition to the back-breaking work you already put in!
The third step is asking everyone you know for a donation. This can be by email, over Skype, or anyway you dream up.

Like being on project, All Hands will give you the tools you need to be successful.  Instead of a bunk bed, bucket shower, and shovels,  you will be sent a link to our online Fundraising Toolkit when you register to Pay It Forward.  By following this link, you will find sample solicitation letters, fundraising ideas, Thank You letters, fundraising posters, and much more.

Still want to Pay It Forward, but  feeling antisocial? No worries…