Iowa: Project Cedar Rapids Rebuild Update

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Throughout April 2010, All Hands coordinated nearly 40 volunteers helping residents affected by the 2008 floods in Cedar Rapids, IA. This was All Hands’ first planned rebuilding project, and we had a productive month back in Iowa working on drywall, framing, and providing families with mini-grants of rebuilding materials. Thank you to all the volunteers […]

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Tennessee: Monitoring the Flood

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April Showers… Over the past week Tennessee has experienced unprecedented spring storms, saturating the ground and causing rivers to crest at historic levels. Parts of Tennessee have received upwards of 12” of rainfall during the most concentrated periods of the storm. On Tuesday, the flooding in Tennessee was a declared a federal disaster and as […]

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Indonesia: Project Sungai Geringging Final Report

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ALL HANDS VOLUNTEERS’ PROJECT SUNGAI GERINGGING, CLOSING REPORT After a successful five and a half months in West Sumatra, All Hands’ Project Sungai Geringging (PSG) has finished. During our period of intervention All Hands welcomed 227 volunteers from 29 different countries along with a strong number of volunteers from all around Indonesia. Together we worked […]

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Mississippi: Monitoring Tornado Situation

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On Saturday, April 24, 2010 a tornado system swept through several states in the Southern U.S. According to Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour in an article by the Washington Post, “about 100 homes in Yazoo County [Mississippi] and 38 in Choctaw County are not livable.” All Hands is monitoring the situation. We are in dialogue with […]

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Haiti: Volunteer Notes – Bruce

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“Let me tell you how to measure a man…When the world starts to fall…How tall does he stand?” -Hip Hop Artist T.I. As I sat alone zoning out with my iPod in my ears, it really hit me that my final day in Haiti was upon me. The time was coming to give a speech […]

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China: Earthquake Update

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A 6.9 earthquake struck China’s Qinghai province early on Wednesday morning, killing hundreds of people and leaving thousands injured. The Chinese government has quickly responded with significant search and rescue, medical, and army resources. At this time All Hands will not launch an assessment or response project, recognizing the government’s significant resources and experience in […]

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Haiti: Video: The Laduceur Family:

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The Laduceur Family of Leogane, Haiti, is one of thousands affected by the January 12 earthquake. All Hands volunteers have helped this family, and dozens of others like them, clear their property of rubble, ensuring a safe place for transitional shelter and to start to rebuild as the rainy season rolls in.

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Rhode Island: Coordination Project Announcement

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In response to the recent historic flooding in the state of Rhode Island, All Hands has launched the Rhode Island Recovery Coordination Center (RI RCC) to assist in the coordination of recovery efforts state-wide. On Monday, All Hands was asked by Rhode Island Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (RI VOAD) & RI Emergency Management to […]

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Cedar Rapids Gazette: “Hands On Disaster Response returns to help with rebuilding”

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Click here to read the Cedar Rapids Gazette article “Hands On Disaster Response returns to help with rebuilding,” . Thank you for your interest!

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New England Flooding: On Watch

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Over the past month many areas in New England have experienced record rainfall and subsequent flooding; up to 15″ of rain fell on MA and RI alone. Governor Donald L. Carcieri of Rhode Island says “It has been the worst, worst flood in our state’s history, and more people have been affected than ever before,” […]

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