Thank You Tina and Hina

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Returning home from breaking concrete and pushing wheelbarrows at Project Leogane, Tina and Hina raised $28,172 for HODR’s Haiti fund.

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Iowa: Project Update

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We are assisting the Jasper County Emergency Management Agency and City of Colfax, Iowa with their flood recovery.

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Iowa: Assessment Update

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All Hands is heading to Iowa to assess the areas affected by flooding that in many locations has surpassed records set in 1993. An estimated 500 homes in Colfax, IA have been significantly impacted.

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Pakistan: Assessment Update

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The Pakistan flooding situation is a natural disaster of epic proportions, with an estimated 900,000 homes damaged or destroyed and up to 20 million people affected.

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Haiti: What All Hands is Doing for Education

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To rebuild a successful education system is to rebuild a successful Haiti, and All Hands volunteers are chipping away at a seemingly intractable problem, one piece at a time.

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Haiti: Building Transitional Schools in Leogane, Part II

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What was once a pilot project is now in full swing: Over the next six months, All Hands’ Transitional School Program will construct ten school buildings for the community of Leogane.

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Haiti: Local Volunteer Spotlight: Shooby

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Shooby Leroy Jean-Pierre is an All Hands local volunteer. As a translator, educator, and general go-to guy, Shooby serves as a crucial liaison between the international volunteer team and the local community. He also represents another bridge between cultures: he lived in Miami for most of his life, returning to Haiti to a few years […]

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Volunteer eBook available from All Hands Alumni

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Kirsty Henderson, a veteran of four international All Hands projects and other volunteering projects worldwide, has written an ebook called ‘The Underground Guide to Volunteering’.

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Milwaukee: Flooding Update

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All Hands is supporting the efforts of the Southeast Wisconsin Citizens and Organizations Active in Disaster, responding to their community’s recent flooding by operating a Volunteer Reception Center and connecting volunteers to people with needs volunteers can help address.

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Haiti: Rubble at Nicole Kindergarten

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A dedicated crew of All Hands volunteers labored for three weeks with picks, shovels, sledges and wheelbarrows, hauling that rubble to the street to clear a space for a small kindergarten to begin again.

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