Haiti: Local Volunteer Graduation Ceremony

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All Hands proudly graduated the first group of local volunteers on Jan. 8, 2011 after beginning the program last April; so far the program has included 60 Haitian locals.

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Haiti: January 12 Earthquake Memorial

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One year after the January 12 earthquake, All Hands partnered with the city of Leogane to build a memorial around the mass grave just outside the cemetery gates where thousands of quake victims are buried.

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Haiti: 5 January 2010 – Election Security Update

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On the 30th December the Organisation of American States (OAS), a body comprised of international experts responsible for overseeing the presidential election, began an investigation into the first round of voting and into the disputed results. No deadline for a report on findings or a decision was set, but it is expected that this week […]

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Haiti: 27 December 2010 – Election Security Update

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Since civil unrest calmed on the 10th December there have been only minor political security incidences around the country.  Leogane has been calm throughout that period and volunteers who were previously scheduled for late December are being accepted as planned. We have been back out in the field since 13th December and have put no […]

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UK: Introducing All Hands Volunteers (UK)

This was posted on 12/18/10 2 Comments

We are pleased to announce the establishment of All Hands Volunteers (UK). This UK arm of All Hands has been set up with the aim of raising money and awareness in the UK, and over time, within wider Europe.

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Thank You Habitat for Humanity

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All Hands Volunteers would like to thank Habitat for Humanity for their full support to this rapid response program, helping us do what we do best: fast and effective disaster response for the communities who need help the most.

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USA: Disaster Response Training with NECHAMA

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Volunteers and staff from All Hand Volunteers and NECHAMA Jewish Response to disaster recently teamed up to create a training course designed for volunteers after wind and water events.

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Video: Saving Lives with Biosand Filters

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Today, one in eight children in Haiti don’t live to see their fifth birthday due to illnesses they get drinking dirty water. We’re responding by producing Biosand Water Filters as a simple solution to provide safe, clean drinking water.

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Haiti: Trip Rescheduling due to Election Civil Unrest

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If you’ve been following the news about Haiti, you’ve seen that there has been considerable unrest resulting from the recent presidential election. While what you see on the news isn’t always a complete picture of events, in this case demonstrations have caused cancellation of flights and interruption of movement within Haiti. We have been on […]

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Haiti: 10 December 2010 – Election Security Update

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The situation remains tense following Tuesday’s election results. Manifestations (protests) in Port au Prince have continued through the week, with occasional violent clashes between supporters of opposing candidates. The airport was closed on Wednesday and Thursday, only opening for private flights today. In Leogane the unrest has been more moderate than in the capital, but […]

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