A Goodbye from Beca Howard

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Dear HODR friends and family, As some of you may know, I’m going to graduate school this fall and have stopped working for HODR to take the summer off before school starts. I wanted to send one last email to thank you for your help and support over the past few years and to introduce […]

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Toilet party for The Gladiator

Haiti: Bringing Composting Toilets to Haiti

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Bringing Composting Toilets to Haiti LEOGANE, HAITI – Last week volunteers threw a slightly unusual party, to celebrate the grand opening of ‘The Gladiator’: All Hands Volunteers’ first composting toilet! A team of All Hands volunteers designed and constructed two sustainable dry toilets with the goal of tackling poor sanitation education and provisions in schools […]

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Haiti: Joint Logistics Base Update

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After months of preparation, large-scale construction on All Hands’ Joint Logistics Base has begun.

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Tennessee: RCC Wrap Up

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And the rain kept on coming… At the beginning of May, two-thirds of Tennessee experienced the awesome power of Mother Nature, receiving torrential rains causing swollen rivers and streams to crest at record levels. As a result, both the Western and Middle areas of the state were faced with flooding on an unprecedented scale. Tennessee […]

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Sun Herald: Women builders headed to Haiti to help

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If you haven’t been automatically redirected to the Sun Herald article “Women builders headed to Haiti to help”, please click here. Thanks for your interest and support!

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Iowa: Project Cedar Rapids Rebuild Final Report

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During the spring of 2008 Cedar Rapids, IA experienced unprecedented flooding that affected over 5,000 homes, forever changing the look and feel of the town. In response, All Hands setup a 4 month project to help homeowners deal with the immediate aftermath by coordinating volunteers to help clean out homes of destroyed belongings. During our […]

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All Hands Volunteers Meet President Clinton in Haiti!

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On June 1, 2010 former US President Bill Clinton was in Leogane, Haiti to speak about reconstruction. During his trip, Clinton met with CHF and visited one of their shelters built on a slab cleared by All Hands volunteers.

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Haiti: DRR Training – Preparing Teachers for the Future

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Volunteers at Project Leogane have developed a disaster risk reduction program to educate teachers on the science of natural disasters and how they can best prepare their students and classrooms.

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Haiti: Transitional School Program

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Transitional School Program After 1,261 schools were destroyed and 2,530 were badly damaged in the 12 January 2010 earthquake, schools in Leogane were unable to operate for three months, depriving children not only of the opportunity for education but also of a sense of normalcy and structured routine. Over the past few months NGOs have […]

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Tennessee: Flood Coordination Project Launch

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In response to the widespread flooding that occurred three weeks ago, All Hands has launched the Tennessee Recovery Coordination Center (TN RCC) located in Antioch, Tennessee. Over the coming weeks we’ll be focused on gathering data on residents’ needs and fostering collaboration among responding voluntary organizations active in the flood clean up efforts. We will […]

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