All Hands volunteer Carleigh Ghent stands in front of the newly reopened Hopital Saint Croix

Haiti: A Hospital Opens in Haiti

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For the past two months All Hands volunteers have provided Leogane’s only permanent hospital, Hopital St. Croix, with logistical and administrative support, working towards its reopening and helping to restore crucial medical services.

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Haiti: All Hands Hosts NGO Rubble / BBQ Saturday

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Sri Lankan MINUSTAH soldiers – in matching tracksuits – teamed up with All Hands to take part in the first-time open invitation to outside NGOs as part of an effort to announce our name change.

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Haiti: Appeal for Skilled Volunteers

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All Hands Volunteers is currently engaged in the devastated city of Leogane, Haiti helping in the recovery from the 12 January 2010 earthquake. The need here is great and we are looking for volunteers with task specific skills to assist in our rebuilding projects.

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Haiti: Looking Back on 6 Months

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The first six months of Project Leogane have seen an extraordinary string of events. Within a week of January’s deadly earthquake, an All Hands assessment team was on the ground in Haiti, and on February 15th we officially launched Project Leogane. Upon arrival we went to work on projects with immediate impact: demolition, rubble removal, […]

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Iowa: Jasper County Final Report

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All Hands supported the community of Jasper County, Iowa with their flood cleanup and recovery from August 22 – September 5, 2010. The short two-week project was just what Colfax and Jasper County needed to continue making strides toward long term recovery from the flood.

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Haiti: 8 September 2010 – Safety and Security Advisory for Volunteers

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As foreign nationals we are very visible in the local and wider community around Haiti. While the majority of Haitians welcome and support the efforts of NGOs, the social, political and economic factors that underscore daily life mean that our operating environment is extremely challenging. It is very strongly advised that you register your trip […]

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Thank You Tina and Hina

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Returning home from breaking concrete and pushing wheelbarrows at Project Leogane, Tina and Hina raised $28,172 for HODR’s Haiti fund.

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Iowa: Project Update

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We are assisting the Jasper County Emergency Management Agency and City of Colfax, Iowa with their flood recovery.

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Iowa: Assessment Update

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All Hands is heading to Iowa to assess the areas affected by flooding that in many locations has surpassed records set in 1993. An estimated 500 homes in Colfax, IA have been significantly impacted.

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Pakistan: Assessment Update

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The Pakistan flooding situation is a natural disaster of epic proportions, with an estimated 900,000 homes damaged or destroyed and up to 20 million people affected.

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