About Us

All Hands Volunteers is an international non-profit organization aimed at rebuilding humanity by addressing the immediate and long-term needs of communities impacted by natural disaster. Over the last ten years, we have enabled over 33,000 volunteers from 93 countries and impacted more than 100,000 families all over the world. As our volunteers work together with local residents and partners, communities are restored, hope is renewed, and lives are transformed.



What We Do


We respond to the needs of communities impacted by the immediate devastation from natural disasters by engaging and leveraging volunteers, partner organizations and local communities to help homeowners by engaging in activities like “mucking and gutting” after a flood, “rubbling” after an earthquake, or safe demolition for buildings that are dangerous.


We work together with communities to meet their longer term needs by rebuilding the basic “hubs” of a community, including homes, schools, day care facilities, and community centers.


We become part of the fabric of the communities we serve. As we do so, we uncover new ways that we can serve and encourage our volunteers to meet these needs where feasible. Projects have included weekly movie nights for kids in Malawi to offset the devastation with smiles and laughter, holding weekly English tutoring sessions in the Philippines, or hosting a Thanksgiving dinner for hundreds of flood victims in Detroit.


How We Started

Our story begins after the devastating Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami in December 2004. Business professional David Campbell spontaneously headed to Thailand to see how he could help. His intended one-week volunteer visit turned into a month, during which he co-founded HandsOnThailand and worked with more than 200 other spontaneous volunteers to rebuild five fishing villages in Phuket.

After Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast of the U.S. in late 2005, David and several other HandsOn volunteers established HandsOnUSA, coordinating 1,500 volunteers to help the survivors of the storm. In 2010, HandsOnUSA became All Hands Volunteers.

Dedicated to connecting those who need help with those who want to help, in the past 10 years All Hands has mobilized over 28,000 volunteers from over 70 different countries on 50 disaster response and rebuild projects in 9 countries around the world.

While the true power comes from volunteers, All Hands can continue to respond to disasters around the world because of the tireless support of our dedicated staff and board.